Masonry build, repair and landscape

Backyard Remake

Our client had a failing brick patio which was bordered with railroad ties. The existing pond was neglected and felt more like an after thought. Our assignment was to bring new life to the backyard by leveling the brick patio, creating walkways from the patio to the woods, replace the railroad ties with stone and make the pond a serene centerpiece.
We created a stone retaining wall to replace rotting railroad ties. This boulder style rock was chosen to match the rock found throughout the wooded property. The retaining walls flowed toward the pond and blended into a stone pedestrian bridge.
The bridge we built over the pond creates a pathway into the woods which physically moves the individual over the pond, bringing it to immediate attention. The stone bridge is made solely of stone with no additional support elements. The laws of physics maintain the suspended walkway above, just like ancient roman aqueducts and arches.
The homeowner was a wonderful partner in this project in that they encouraged our creativity and allowed us certain liberties with design and construction. The final result was a backyard space that became the destination for relaxation and for entertaining, and the centerpiece of the entire property. The brick patio was repaired and leveled making it safe for walking, additionally it was expanded to tie in pathways we installed which lead to focal points in the woods.