Mission Statement

Driven by a Belief : Guided by Vision

We believe in making the world a beautiful place. We believe beauty comes from the inside, transcends the physical, and without inner beauty, there is only vanity. And so we believe in building things that are sustainable, lasting, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable for humans, animals and nature.

In our words

Grounded in Value

We strive to build structures and environments that brings nature closer to people. Humans are drawn to nature; we feel more solace, comfort, and peace when we are in nature. We come from nature and are forever drawn to it, and it's perfect beauty.

Nature flows, nature is simple. As unforgiving as it can be, it is equally awe inspiring and life giving. Our mission is to bring nature to our partner clients. We do this by designing and building landscapes that flow with the surrounding areas. Our goal is to build things that look like they've always been there. Seamless lines. Natural materials. No trace of our having been there.

We take our mission as a serious responsibility. Any project we take is an opportunity to do something special and enhance the world around us.

When you employ Artisanal Services Co, we consider you as more than a client. We become partners in our mission; together we can make your world (however big or small), a better, more enjoyable place for every living thing that experiences our creation.

Michael Moreira - owner

Mike is an artist and classically trained stone mason. He combines his passion for creating with his technical skills of construction to build unique landscapes and structures.

Paulo Moreira - partner

Paulo has over 15 years of landscape experience. His true passion in life is building beautiful outdoor spaces that inspire and excite.