Masonry Services

We have a passion for making a lasting impression.

We love the timelessness and beauty of a real stone structure. Or the classic look of brick. There are few materials more solid, more permanent and more appealing than brick and stone. Artisanal Services Company particularly specializes in the use of real stone and real brick. These material take longer to install, cost more and require more expertise and patience to work with, but the finished structure is incomparable to anything else, and will outlast all other materials.

Imitation brick and cultured stone have come a long way, but they are inferior to the natural beauty and lasting structural integrity of the Real Thing. Granted there are some applications in which cultured stone or faux brick is preferred, and in those cases Artisanal Services Co. will to install to the highest standards. But when feasible, we proudly install the Real Thing.

We are also big proponents of celebrating our architectural past, and thus we embrace restoration and preservation projects with an extra level of care and respect. Whether it's a historically significant landmark, or a mid-century home that needs some maintenance, we will honor the original style, but utilize modern, proven techniques that outperform the old, to revitalize the structural integrity of the structure.

Masonry Maintenance & Repair

Tuck pointing/ Re-grouting/ Leveling

Old brick walls can sometimes require joints to be refilled and resealed. Proper surface preparation and cleaning is the key to a successful and lasting repair or if pavers on a patio have become unstable they need to be removed, and the subtraction reinforced. Many paver patio or walkway systems are designed with regular maintenance in mind.

Masonry New Construction

Build something new from scratch.

A new creation can spring up from many different needs. It could be a new, all stone home. A retaining wall to hold back land. A paver patio for entertaining. A stone fireplace to warm a house and beautify a room. Or remodel an existing structure for a new look. We brainstorm for creative solutions and execute the project to completion.

Masonry Restoration Services

Let's keep it real. Keep it alive.

We are classically trained masons and know how the old masters did it. We're also well trained and knowledgeable in modern materials and techniques that in some cases are far superior in quality and sustainability versus the old ways. We incorporate both knowledge bases to rejuvenate the timelessness and character of the past.

History Lessons

We've been doing this awhile.

Time honored traditions and techniques.

In 1991, Mike began his apprenticeship with a Portuguese family owned masonry company. He started at the bottom, learning all the important basics of being a laborer: mixing mortar, digging trenches, and setting up scaffolding, His curiosity and interest made him a fast learner and he quickly learned how to properly set up a foundation and lay stone. He learned the do's and don'ts and those lessons are still not forgotten. He took the basics of masonry that were passed down from generations and realized the artfulness in the structural beauty of stone. When humans take a natural element, and instead of destroying it to make something new, it is better to embrace it and make a whole structure that is functional, stunning and built of individual pieces that stand out in their own elegant way.

There are many solutions to a retaining wall, a home facade, or a patio surface. Artisanal Services Co believes that the choice is clear; take the opportunity to make something beautiful and lasting that will be enjoyed and cherished for generations. Make the world around us as beautiful as possible and don't waste an opportunity with the mundane and uninspired.